Magnetism Has Been Around Since The Earth Began

Magnetism has been around since the Earth began and is a living force/energy. Scientists have stated that all living cells are electromagnetic and thrive from the Earth’s natural, magnetic field.

We once walked barefoot on the ground in constant contact with the Earth and its magnetic energy.  We were outside and absorbed the infrared energy from the Sun and were protected by the atmosphere. We lived near moving, clean water and benefited from its negative ion energy that we breathed, drank and absorbed. We ate home grown food that contained an abundance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

It was a simpler time and we had all that we needed. The body had few interferences/toxins to neutralize just to remain normal. The body could focus on what it was made to do…repair itself.

When the first humans went into space they returned to Earth like weak, limp dishrags. It was discovered that they suffered from the lack of magnetism from the Earth and infrared energy from the Sun. Spacesuits and technologies were invented to provide these energies.

Today chemicals and toxins are everywhere. We eat them, drink them, breathe them and absorb them through our skin. We are bombarded with disruptive electromagnetic forces (electric smog) from power lines, T.V.s and other household appliances, radios, electric blankets, radar, cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi.  All of these things interfere with the body’s ability to function and interfere with the natural, healing energies of the Earth. Warnings about this electronic pollution have come from the U.S. Surgeon General and the science community. Every year the Earth’s magnetism has decreased. Since the industrial age there has been an explosion of electrical machines which disrupt the magnetic field and we are now surrounded by steel and iron which can cut the Earth’s magnetic field in half.

In Asia they have a diagnosis of Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome (MDS) which is said to be like a vitamin deficiency and health returns when the deficiency is treated with magnets. Some have commented that MDS has similarities to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

What do we do?
Through my research I have discovered products that provide total wellness solutions…simple, natural ways to reduce the toxins/interferences and fill in the gaps so that the body can be healthier.

One of the ways is through the use of magnets. Static magnets work best near the place of discomfort or need, while rotating magnets offer relief to a larger area. (I cannot speak for all magnets or natural products but I have tried and seen results both personally and from other people and animals that Nikken creates state of the art wellness products.)

It’s as easy as:
Healthy Lifestyle Tips - Nikken Kenko PowerchipSticking a band-aide on the head or any other hot spot/place of discomfort with the PowerPatch Magnet #1456 or PowerChip Magnet #1450 with Dynaflux and TriPhase Technology.



Healthy Lifestyle Tips - Nikken Kenko PowerBand NeckWearing a PowerBand necklace #19084 and bracelet #19080 with TriPhase for a feeling of energy and less discomfort.




Healthy Lifestyle Tips - Nikken Biaxial PowerMagUsing the PowerMag #2315 with Magnetic Biaxial Rotation for a deep, gentle massage effect, discomfort reduction and a sense of well-being.