Is Your Shower Safe?

Is it safer to drink tap/bottled water for a week or to take only one shower?

Chlorine and its byproducts are the unseen dangers in almost every shower and the health risks far exceed those of drinking tap/bottled water. The American Journal of Public health states that 2/3’s of harmful chlorine and toxin exposure is due to skin absorption and steam inhalation while showering.

A steamy shower triggers thousands of skin pores to open which immediately absorb chlorine and other chemicals into the bloodstream. The steam creates hazardous gases like Chloroform. Over 70% of the vaporized chemicals are inhaled and enter the bloodstream before the water reaches the shower floor.

After a 10 minute shower there is a 700% rise in toxins in the body. Absorption/inhalation of these toxins are linked to: weakening/disruption of the immune, nervous, cardio (heart), renal (kidney) and respiratory system; cancer; fatigue; asthma; red, dry, irritated, itching skin and allergic rashes;  and dry, brittle, color-stripped hair.

Referenced from: “Ignore This…and Risk Exposing You and Your Family to Unnecessary Health Hazards in Your Bathroom.”

What do we do?
Through my research I have found a multi-stage shower filtration system. It naturally reduces chlorine by 90%, reduces hydrogen sulfide, iron, heavy metals and microorganisms without the use of chemicals. It delivers a smooth water flow, is easy to install and produces softer feeling hair and smoother skin.

It’s as easy as:
Healthy Lifestyle Tips - Nikken PiMag Ultra Shower SystemPimag Ultra Shower System #1383:
Naturally reduces dangerous chemicals in the shower.